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Why water rises through the basement floor – and how to fix it

Overflows NewcastleBacked up or collapsed drains

Drain lines lead from the various plumbing fixtures in your home to a central drain pipe that exits through the foundation and carries waste and sewage to the municipal sewer system. If the drain lines are clogged, waste and sewage can back up through the drains into the house, causing flooding.

Cracks in the drain line can also cause sewage to seep up through the basement floor. Similarly, if the drain pipe running under the house collapses, sewage from the house accumulates in the ground.

Leaking pipes or appliances

Similar to drain lines that run throughout the home, water lines run through the walls and floors of the home to carry water from a well or municipal water supply to plumbing fixtures and appliances throughout the home. A leak in a water line will continue to run until you repair it. Over time, this can cause significant damage. Leaks can come from the pipes leading to the fixtures and appliances, or they can come from the fixtures or appliances themselves.

If you discover water on the floor in the basement, check the hot water tank, washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer to make sure they are not leaking. You have to check the pipes in the basement for leaks also. Water usually enters the house underground. So if there is a break in the main water line, water can seep into the ground and through the floor of the house. Extreme condensation can sometimes make it appear that the pipes are leaking.

Condensation forms when the water in the pipes is significantly colder than the air outside the pipes. Most condensation problems can be solved by insulating the water pipes.

Cracked foundation

The exterior of your home should be waterproofed to prevent rainwater, melt water and groundwater from entering the home. However, if the concrete foundation has cracks in the walls or floor, pressure from the outside can push water from the surrounding soil into the home through the cracks. If cracks in the foundation are the cause of water in the basement, the water is likely to enter during heavy rain.

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