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How to install a plug drain set in a bathtub

Get the right tool and the right fitting

If you don’t already own one, spend a few bucks on a bathtub drain wrench, also called a dumbbell tool. This special tool makes quick work of the otherwise tedious task of unscrewing the drain fitting from the tub shoe under the tub. The end fits into the opening and engages the crosshairs of the drain screen. Then, twist the tool with pliers to loosen the drain fitting. If your drain strainer does not have crosshairs, you will need a variation of the drain wrench called a drain extractor.

Also, make sure you choose the right size drain fitting for your tub shoe. If you are unsure about the size of your bathtub drain, you can purchase a kit that can be adjusted to fit two drain sizes.

Remove the old bathtub drain fitting

Use the bathtub drain wrench to remove the existing drain fitting from the bathtub shoe. First, determine which end of the wrench will fit into the drain opening and around the crosshairs of the drain fitting. Then use channel pliers or an adjustable wrench to turn the drain fitting counterclockwise and loosen the fitting. It will twist out of the tub shoe under the tub. Continue turning until the fitting loosens.

Clean the tub drain hole

Pull the faucet out of the tub, and remove the ring of plumber’s putty that surrounds the tub drain opening. It’s best to have a clean surface to work on, so make sure you remove as much of the putty as possible. If the plumbing putty has dried up, you can remove it with a non-scratch scouring pad.

Determine the size of the drain thread

Based on the old fixture, determine the size of your drain. A bathtub drain conversion kit offers drain threads in two sizes to accommodate different tub drains. Select the appropriate threaded attachment.

Install the new bathtub drain fitting

Remove the tub plug from the new drain fitting. Apply a generous amount of plumber’s putty to the underside of the flange of the new fitting. Insert the fitting into the opening of the tub drain, making sure it is centered.

A good way to avoid over tightening is to hand tighten first. When it looks like the threads of the fitting have started, you can tighten further with the tub drain wrench. Be sure to carefully screw the faucet into the drain line.

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